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      Colombes - 24 September 2019

      Top Employers Circle – PepsiCo France


      We are pleased to invite you to the second Circle of 2019, organized by PepsiCo France. How ensure the alignment of talent management with the business strategy?


      • Coffee
      • Introduction by Vincent Binetruy, the Top Employers Institute
      • Sharing best practices by Marina Brainis, HRD of PepsiCo France

      *This agenda is subject to change.


      420 rue d’Estienne d’Orves 92700 Colombes


      Please register using the form on this page. The event is dedicated to Top Employers organisations ONLY.

      About Top Employers Institute

      Established more than 25 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has certified over 1 500 organisations in 118 countries/regions. The Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. A certification programme that enables organisations to assess and improve the workplace environment.