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      The Hague – 10 October 2019

      Top Employers @ HR Live - The Hague


      HR Live is the largest annual market for personnel & organization and will take place on Thursday 10 October. We are also present at this inspiring and innovative exhibition. Rutger Steyerberg, Director Benelux, will give a presentation about Employee Journey Mapping. In addition, Irene Vernie - HR Director of Rituals Cosmetics - speaks on behalf of Top Employers as a keynote speaker about the connection between HR and Marketing. Read the interview with her about employer branding here. Moreover, there are 80 other workshops.


      • 10u30 – 11u10  - Hall 14                   
        • Employee Journey Mapping
        • Speaker: Rutger Steyerberg
      • 14u00 – 14u40  - Hall 7  
        • Employee Journey Mapping
        • Speaker: Rutger Steyerberg
      • 15u15 – 16u00 - Mainstage
        • Next level employer branding
        • HR Meets Marketing
        • Speaker: Irene Vernie, HRD Rituals


      Fokker Terminal, Binckhorstlaan 249, 2516 BB The Hague